Green Initiatives

At Creative Cuisine we are leading the way with organic catering and green entertaining. That means menus are created from sustainable, farm to table ingredients with fresh tastes for every season of the year. We recognize our responsibility to the environment and are committed to a strategy that uses our resources wisely.

Our green program includes reducing, reusing, and recycling throughout our building whenever possible as well as several other initiatives. Creative Cuisine is committed to a greener environment and is diligently working with our suppliers to develop new products and options for being green and reducing our carbon foot print.

Just like our food choices, our selection of disposable service ware has environmental impacts. At Creative Cuisine, our first choice is always to encourage the use of china, glass and silverware. When disposables are needed, we make every effort to reduce the effects of their production and disposal.

All of our disposable plates, cups, bowls, napkins and flatware are from renewable sources like corn, sugarcane, and potato starch. We are conscious that questions remain about the energy inputs required to manufacture and transport these products and the resulting impacts on climate change from both manufacturing and disposal. Of course, some things cannot be changed just yet. However, the business is doing all that it can to make operations more energy-efficient. Obviously, energy consumption does cause climate change, so we are trying to waste less energy and only use what we need to. If anyone wants to learn about climate change, it might be worth reading this here. We all need to be better educated on climate change.


Our Farm to table program is about investing in our communities and the future of our food supply. In search of the freshest, best tasting ingredients, we purchase in season, produce and baked goods locally. However, we don’t think of local purchasing as a “political statement,” but as a the best way to get the highest quality products.

  • Organic and locally grown menu options focused on the finest and freshest ingredients.
  • Member of Mayor Coleman
  • We encourage bulk water and breakfast juice displays instead of single serving containers.
  • We consume 25% less water and chemicals by washing all of our dishes in a energy star rated – high temperature dish machine combined with a tankless water heater.
  • Our fleet of vehicles includes three new flex-fuel efficient trucks that save up to 35% in fuel usage.
  • Our used cooking oil is recycled into bio fuel




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