Wedding Culinary Trends

Wedding Culinary Trends

Gelato Bars –

The Gelato Bar is the latest rave at wedding receptions. Our gelato is gourmet, handmade, and beautifully presented! So whether you offer the gelato bar in addition to, or in place of the traditional wedding cake or candy bar, you and your guests will be impressed. Italian gelato is crafted in small batches creating dense rich flavors like Tiramisu, Pernigotti Chocolate, Lavender Honey and Blood Orange and Pear.

Savory Waffles –

Savory Waffles can be served for Brunch, Lunch, Dinner or as Hors d’oeuvers. Wow your guests with a twist on a classic comfort food by serving them as a main course or a late night snack.

Curried Waffles with Tandoori Chicken and Raita
Horseradish-Polenta Waffles with Braised Beef Short Ribs
Cajun Spiced Waffles with Shrimp or Chicken Etouffe
Five Spice-Scallion Waffles with Peking Duck
Sweet Corn and Jalapeno Waffles with Bourbon-BBQ Pulled Pork

Roving food carts –

It’s not a truck but a roving food cart that adds a fun and interactive element to your Wedding. Chefs move throughout the event, entertaining and creating edibles from a table side cart. Guests can select from an assortment of dessert mousses that the chef pipes into a proiterole, and tops with a choice of sauces.

Dessert Buffets –

Supplementing the traditional wedding cake with desserts can give your guest a great way to top off the evening in style. From Pie bars, Whoopee pies, Mini Pudding and Trifle shots to Chef attended stations serving S’mores, Crème Brulee or Signature Bride and Groom desserts.

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