Venues: Where History Comes Alive

Venues: Where History Comes Alive

I have always been fascinated with American History-from a Presidential Speech to visiting a Museum to learn how folks like you and me lived a century ago, and even looking for family history records on places like to piece together my own unique story. I consider it a privilege to be living in my hometown of Columbus during its Bicentennial with so much to be worthy of a celebration. One of the greatest things that I love about being an off-premise Caterer in Columbus is that I am able to work and experience some of Columbus’ finest and memorable spaces-the facilities that make Columbus as unique as it is–and it truly never gets old to me.

Just last week, Creative Cuisine was selected to do the Catering Services at the Ohio Statehouse for a non-profit client hoping to make a positive change in Ohio. They had legislators from all over the State, speakers, videos, and concluded the day with a March down High Street. How amazing that we were able to be part of this fantastic event, and to be part of something much bigger than a “party.” Often times, being in the business of Special Events can create an image to others that simply isn’t always accurate. We aren’t party planners, per se, but Event Planners like Smart Works are for business trips. Every event is Special, whether it is a Wedding or an Office Reception. Every Event makes History, too-And there are plenty of Historical Venues to complement the theme.

Catering at other Historical facilities throughout Columbus and the Central Ohio area is just as rewarding as the Statehouse, where President Lincoln learned of his new Presidential Victory in 1859 and where his body laid on the march back to Illinois after his assassination in 1865.

The Kelton House & Museum is another fantastic place to hold a Special Event-whether it be a lovely Wedding in the Garden or a Tea Party with the ladies from Bridge Club-this House takes you to a different place in time, when you aren’t making as much history as you are re-living it. “The Kelton House is the only ‘house museum’ in the city of Columbus,” said Georgeanne Reuter, Kelton House Director. “It is the only place in the city where Columbus history can be seen and felt. We have the same furnishings, plates, silverware, clothing, and books that were used by the actual occupants of the house. This gives the Kelton House a realistic feeling that can not be re-created, as most house museums are.”*

Another incredible Venue is a bit outside of the Downtown Columbus area and found in the Village of Granville, just 45 minutes East of the city center. Bryn Du Mansion is one of the most interesting and ornate spaces to host any type of Special Event. What is wonderful about hosting an Event in the Mansion is that-even if for the day-you feel like you hosting an event at your own home. Saturated with beauty, history, and elegance, the Mansion sits regally on a hill with acres of green land stretching from the Mansion’s Front Porch to the main drag through Granville, which is quaint and dainty within itself. The Mansion was given its name by John Sutphin Jones in 1905. “During the Jones’ occupancy, dinner was served to Calvin Coolidge, William Howard Taft and Warren G. Harding. Here also, Lillian Gish and Katherine Cornell sipped coffee, and Paderewski and Rachmaninoff played the Steinway [Piano].”** If you are looking for a Venue full of grandeur and comfort, Bryn Du is the perfect spot.

One of my other favorite Historically-minded Venues is the Columbus Museum of Art, settled in the heart of downtown Columbus. One of the most colorful Venues in Columbus, the Museum of Art is perfect for a corporate or social event that loves Art and isn’t afraid to experience it. I love the Museum of Art as a Venue because it allows your guests to have some personal time while in a public setting. Each person interprets Art differently and having an Event at the Museum of Art allows your guests to experience and learn something new about the artist, themselves and your event’s message. Each work of art is saturated with its own story and history.

The Ohio Historical Society is another great space, too, where both history comes alive and where you can make your mark in History. To me, the OHS is one of the most diversely-Ohio places in the State, with collections and public records being held from all 4 Chambers of the “Heart of It All.” With ever-changing Exhibits, this Venue is bound to be perfect for that corporate client or bride who is really hoping to travel back in time, which they can do so at the Ohio Village.

If I ever planned a personal event-like my Wedding-it would have to be at a Historical Venue. My personal history is just as important and fascinating. It may not be to the general public, but may be to my future generations of family. Creative Cuisine, a family business, takes this type of approach to each of our events-history in the making!

Event Planning Tips at a Historical Venue:

  • Schedule a leisurely tour of your Historical Venue, with tour guides instead of your Venue Contact-you will learn a different side of your Venue and its history that you may not have learned before
  • Most Historical Venues must abide by certain building codes-Be sure to ask your Venue Contact about any restrictions for Décor installation
  • Give your guests an Education! Arrange Tours for your guests during Cocktail Hour as a leisurely activity-this is a great way to make the best use out of that hour, or even more time if you plan for longer photo-taking
  • Learn about the History of your Venue & incorporate it into your Theme
    • During Cocktail Hour at Bryn Du, have light piano music in the background to feel as if someone is dawdling the keys from the Parlor
    • Have your guests sign linen doilies for the guest book, and make a scrapbook similar to Mrs. Kelton’s
    • Offer your guests a fun Trivia sheet about your Venue to play during Cocktail Hour
    • Have a unique guest book that includes a Quill Pen & Ink well

For More Information about the Venues featured in the Blog:

Ohio Statehouse:

*Kelton House & Museum:

**Bryn Du Mansion:

Columbus Museum of Art:

Ohio Historical Society:

Other Historical Venues in Columbus:

CAPA Theaters, including the Lincoln Theater

Cultural Arts Center

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King Arts Complex

Grand Valleydale Ballroom

The Vault

Thurber House & Museum


*Creative Cuisine has listed Historical Venues to which we have the privilege of taking our Catering Services

[April, 2012-Elissa Butler]

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