The Meatball Redux

The Meatball Redux

Oh, the humble Meatball, restaurant consultants and food futurists have declared them one of the hottest food trends.  Evidence is everywhere, on restaurant menus, at food trucks, in cookbooks authored by high-end chefs.  Even new restaurants like The Meatball Shop in New York makes the simplicity and deliciousness of the meatball a star attraction.

Meatballs cut across cultural and geographic divides. Virtually every cuisine in the world claims several traditional meatball dishes, and in some countries, there are scores of meatball recipes with long histories and traditions.

Creative Cuisine is creating its own take on the meatball redux by creating several handmade Hors d’oeurves and a DIY dinner station.  We’re elevating the meatball to a whole new level of comfort food.


Butler Passed or Stationed Hor d’oeurves

Chicken and Chorizo Meatball in a crisp Tortilla shell with Salsa Verde and  Roasted Tomato
 Vegan Meatball on a crunchy Pita wedge with smokey Eggplant Sauce and Kalamata Olive
 Thai Shrimp Meatball on a fried Wonton with Chile Mayo and Pickled Cucumber
 Reuben Meatball on a Rye Croustade with Sauerkraut and homemade 1000 Island Sauce
 Lamb and roasted Shiitake Meatball on a Pita Crisp with Eggplant and Tzatziki
 Veal Saltimbocca Meatball wrapped in Prosciutto on a toasted Baguette with Pomodoro Sauce and fresh Mozzarella
 Rosemary Beef Meatball with Wild Mushroom Ragout on a Potato Latke
Jerk Chicken Meatball on a fried Plantain with Mango Chutney and grilled Pineapple

Dinner or Reception Station

DIY Meatballs Station 
Create your own signature Meatball dish, choose your balls, choose your sauce and choose what to serve your balls on, then garnish with grated Parmesan Cheese and Red Pepper Flakes.
Choose Two:
Classic Beef Meatballs  |  Savory Chicken Meatballs  |  Garden Veggie Meatballs  | Spicy Pork Meatballs  |  Mediterranean Lamb Meatballs
Choose Two:
Pomodoro Sauce |  Parmesan Cream Sauce  |  Wild Mushroom Sauce  |  Roasted Vegetable Sauce  | Arrabiata Sauce
Choose Two:
Parmesan Risotto  |  Chive-Cream Cheese Mashed Potatoes  |  Linguine  |  Garlic Mashed Redskins

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