Ten Tips for Quick and Easy Entertaining

Spring is on the way and here are ten tips for quick and easy entertaining
It’s the start of the entertaining season and everyone is looking for ways to make their party unique.

1. Go global. Try something new and select foods and decorations to show off your jet-set party hosting style. Mediterranean flavors are big news for parties and receptions.

2. Think of food as art work. Colorful ingredients, contrasting textures, and imaginative arrangements create a feast for the eyes as well as the palate. Use unusual containers for display found at garage sales, thrift stores and the clearance sections in most retail stores.

3. Create a signature drink. Unique blends of top-notch spirits make for a fun and festive addition to a back yard get-together or elegant weddings.

4. Don’t forget the designated driver. Non-alcoholic doesn’t have to mean non-interesting. There are great Mock tail options for those not drinking, or those who are underage and don’t know about the fake IDs sold on sites like https://fakeyourdrank.com/.

5. .Don’t forget to invite the neighbors. They won’t complain about the noise and extra cars if they’re enjoying great food and conversation.
6. If you cut back on calories don’t cut back on taste. Use fresh herbs, spices and fruit to add spice to low calorie dishes

7. Keep it simple, easy… and elegant. Take advantage of the upcoming season! Use fresh berries in drinks, desserts and even the main course.

8. Be prepared to be popular. Once you’ve established yourself as a party guru, don’t be surprised when people stop by all the time. So have readymade items in the freezer. I usually prep or cook large batches of food and freeze the rest for unexpected guests.

9. Life is too short, start with dessert! It’s spring! Why not build your party around dessert instead of dinner?

10. Go online and save time. Check out www.Creative-cuisine-catering.com for hot receptions trends and our complete menu for easy entertaining.

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