Have a Coffee Shop Experience at your next event


Coffee remains just a humble beverage brewed from a simple bean, a seed really, found at the center of a small berry that grows on a bush and blossoms once each year producing berries that are processed, dried, roasted, ground up and then brewed into coffee or espresso.

Cared for properly from soil to sip the bean reveals a wonderful array of tastes and aromas with just the right roasting, we bring out the finest qualities of the coffee beans.

Having a coffee bar at events and parties is a great way to pamper guests and give them a true coffee shop experience. At our NEW gourmet Coffee Bar your guests can enjoy freshly brewed 100% Colombian Coffee along with all the accompaniments including coffee shop flavorings like Hazel Nut, Chocolate, Madagascar Vanilla, Hawaiian Salted Caramel and Pacific Northwest Raspberry.

Gourmet Coffee Flavorings

Add a Barista and our traveling espresso machine provides the ultimate coffee shop atmosphere to any event or venue by serving your guests a wide variety of drinks such as lattes, cappuccinos, blended iced coffee, iced coffee, chi tea, and tea along with unique flavors such as Pumpkin Spice, Coconut, Raspberry, and many more.

Custom cups of Joe where ever you go – At home, at the office or anywhere you choose

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